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THE HEADLESS LADY - Sideshow Illusions

Yvette, The Headless Lady is kept alive by the miracles of modern medicine.
She moves she breathes she lives!

In this brilliant Sideshow Illusion Dr Van Bergh explains to the audience,
“Many people believe such a thing is impossible.You have all heard of artificial hearts and artificial lungs so you may believe the evidence of your own eyes...

Click here to see larger imageClick here to see larger imageClick here to see larger image

Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image

You will have read of my experiments on living animals, when I attempted to keep the animal alive after the head had been removed from the body. What we are now going to show you is an exact reproduction of that original experiment. There you see her, from her body come tubes...”

First seen in the UK in the 1930s this show has direct links to those performances. This show features the impressive and striking frontage created in the 1950s.

There is nothing to disgust or alarm, this show is suitable for all the family, but, be warned, smelling salts were always kept on hand for those that fainted! The Headless Lady: Now they are queuing to see her again!
The Times

“The Headless Lady is indeed a sinister and rather alarming sight to behold – I’m still racking my brains as to how it is actually performed”
Dan Synge, Coast Magazine

Technical Details

• footprint– 9m depth x.6m frontage • 4.5m height

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