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ELECTRA - The 27,000 Volt Girl

Expect shocks, sparks, and an electric atmosphere, but don’t get too close to Electra, the miraculous maiden of electricity!

Dr. Sparks presents the new Wonder of the Modern Age, Miss Electra! See those household chores disappear in a flash, with his new, modern marvel!

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With the cheeky patter of a 1950’s washing machine salesman, Dr Sparks introduces the incredible Miss Electra, as she becomes charged her hair stands on end, she makes objects defy gravity and fly into the air with her electrified aura. Inside the show, the demonstrations of her invisible electric and magnetic powers get more dangerous as Electra, the scientific phenomenon, withstands 27,000 Volts of genuine bona fide British electricity.

“Presenting my new, modern marvel, Miss Electra! No home should be without this wonder of technology. With Electra, you will see those household chores disappear in a flash! Put that spark back into your relationship Sir, with the amazing Electra!”

When Jon Gresham first presented the show in the 1950s Electra’s props came from a retired music hall act - Professor Sparks and Thelmina, known especially for their act - washing the electric baby, enabling Jon to claim that Electra was “Direct from the London Palladium”, there was an element of truth in this statement – Professor Sparks had appeared with the Crazy Gang at the Palladium in the 1930s.

Spectators will note that on the show fronts, dating from the 1950s, Electra is not depicted as using her super powers for good, to defeat evil, she is powering her “modern” kitchen appliances.

Dr Sparks’ presentation of Electra is packed with impressive and extraordinary electrical stunts, comedy and audience participation. We promise the only shock you’ll receive will be the surprises that you’ll experience in this fun sideshow.

Technical Details

• footprint– 5m depth x.5m frontage • 4m height

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