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Dr Phantasma’s Ten in One ShowDr Phantasma’s Ten in One Show

Step Right Up! Imagine the impact of seeing this wonderfully colourful and dynamic, traditional show. See the Man eating Fish! See the Fire King! Marvel at the Girl with the Invisible Middle! Ten different acts and attractions in one show, all presented by our unusual collection of strange performers and exhibits!

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Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image

This show, with a forty-foot long vivid and eye-grabbing banner line, is a recreation of a traditional American style sideshow. Outside the excitement of the show starts when the audience are teased and introduced to some of the acts that will perform live inside. Acts like Electra defying 27,000 volts, producing sparks from her fingers and Miss Elastina who twists and contorts her body around steel blades.

Inside the audience views the thrilling performances on four raised stages. “We promise you amazing sights, laughs and shocks”. It’s a great show for all ages.

Each complete performance, for approx two-hundred spectators, lasts about thirty minutes. .

This show was first performed in February 2012 for Visit Blackpool at the Showzam Festival 2012. Presented by the Sideshow Illusions’ team with advice and help from Al Stencell, (Canadian Showman and author), and, among others, Todd Robbins, Danny Hunt and Dave Whatt.

Special thanks to the wonderful banner artists – Mark and Martha Copeland.

Technical Details

• We provide the Bannerline – 2.5m depth x.13.5m frontage • 5.5m height. And the outside stage. It can be erected inside or outside.
• We provide the inside stages, P.A. and all props, lights, acts, exhibits, ticket box and signage.
• A tent - min size 15m x 12m, and 16 amp power should be provided behind the Bannerline.

For more information call 01482 709939 or contact Sideshow Illusions today!