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Sideshow Illusions

“Step right up for the Smallest Sensation in the World!"

The spectacle you can afford to see and can’t afford to miss. You are going to see incredible feats of every description performed by our troupe of fleas all with skillfulness beyond the achievements of any mere human.

Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image

Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image Click here to see larger image

See Freda the weight lifting flea - if she were a human she’d be Half-a-Ton of loveliness and every ounce her own. Thrill as Tom the tightrope walking flea defies death as he balances high above a tub of Flea powder! Don’t miss Dare Devil Danny, the amazing High Diver, performing without a net! The entire cast has been trained from scratch

The show is framed with a colourful and attractive frontage within its own sideshow tent and is completely self-contained. It’s designed to entertain an audience of about 30 at a time; each performance can last between 10 and 20 minutes.

It’s a captivating and charming presentation performed with a dash of humbug in true Barnum style. The show is guaranteed to produce delight and laughter from adults and to enthrall and entrance children with the hilarious audience participation.

You Tube VideoProfessor Jon’s Flea Circus complements Sideshow Illusions’ larger attractions in the tradition of the great Testo and Tomlin Flea Circus shows, contemporaries of Jon Gresham.
You can also see Professor Jon's Flea Circus on YouTube


Professor Jon’s Flea Circus was created with the generous help of Danny Hunt and Annette Claire.

Technical Details

• footprint– 3m depth x 3.5m frontage • 3.5m height

For more information call 01482 709939 or contact Sideshow Illusions today!