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PRESS / MEDIA - Sideshow Illusions

What the Papers Say...

“Weird and wonderful live shows… bizarre visual magic, horror and freakish fun... If anything is certain it’s to expect the unexpected” Liz Aratoon, The Stage

“On Saturday in one single day an unprecedented 3,000 visitors flocked to the Headless Lady, Goldfish Woman... listening to the chattering reaction, every class, age and type has found something to wonder at in laughter and surprise” Libby Purves, The Times

“Sideshows take centre stage… and revive the age of innocence when a nod was as good as a wink and a little of what you fancied came in the guise of art, edification and entertainment.. rather than in yer face titillation... lets hear it for the flash, the spielers, the peep shows and a spirit of fun to lift the dark clouds of recession” Jacqui Morley, Blackpool Gazette

“Roll up! Roll up! The carnival freak show's back from retirement to shock and amaze, but all done in the best possible taste”
Jonathan Brown, The Independent

“The Mummy, still the mother of all thrills. The must-see Show” Blackpool Gazette

“The time could be right again for the all-living, all-breathing sideshow and it’s gaudy, sensationalist artwork embodying ‘the flash that brings in the cash’... Werewolves, Headless Ladies and Girls in Goldfish Bowls... miss them at your peril” Blackpool Gazette

“Sideshows of delight – The Living Half Lady is a masterpiece of illusion with comic twists based on a creation from the 1800s. The event attracted queues at all the attractions due to the high volume of interest in these wonderful sideshows from the past”
The World’s Fair

What the Organisers Say...

“Visit Blackpool and I would like to thank you for all of your work, support and involvement in the Showzam Festival and your team, who are so talented, professional, energetic and a pleasure to work with” Claire Turner, Showzam Festival 09

“A huge thank you to you and all your team, the comments have been brilliant. We want you back next year”
Heather Sawney Dippers and Dunkers Festival

What the Visitors Say:

“This is the first time I have seen a sideshow so I had no idea what to expect, but it was a real eye-opener. It is really original, appeals to people of all ages and it’s really cool”. Kaddy Lee-Preston BBC

“I wasn’t scared”, Callum “His Dad was!” Sam and Nick, Blackpool

“Excellent, especially the Mummy Show” Sue Travers, Hull

“Stunning and surreal, a nostalgic treat, so fabulous, it’s a delight” Pearl Mina, Lytham


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