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The Monster Show – As the audience enter the show tent they have no idea that vivisectionist, Dr Zomb will invite a member of the audience to take part in his Invisible Ray experiment.

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Dr Zomb has discovered that by exposing the human body to “lead light” he can render the human form completely invisible. And this is demonstrated when we see the clothes, skin and bone of an audience volunteer slowly become transparent under the illumination of the strange rays. They cannot even see themselves when asked to look in a mirror!  

The entire audience is at risk of becoming exhibits in his show when Zomb’s teleportation experiment, on his assistant Helga, goes horribly wrong. This show created in the 1950s, pays homage to the wonderful Horror and Sci-fi B movies of that period.

The brilliantly evocative fifty-year-old show fronts reveal that Frankenstein’s Monster, a Saucer Man from Mars and a Werewolf all play a part in this scary, bizarre but ultimately very funny show using all the original fronts, props and wax figures with actors and a dramatic presentation of an astounding illusion, the origins of which were first seen on the fairgrounds in 1872. The Invisible Ray was first seen as a sideshow in London in 1951 at the Festival of Britain and later a season at Olympia in Blackpool. After fifty years in storage the re-assembled Frankie, an animated Frankenstein’s Monster, raises to his feet, shakes his chains and plays his part again in thrilling new sideshow audiences.

There’s plenty of thrills and chills in Dr Zomb’s laboratory if you are brave enough to enter the Monster Show!

Technical Details

• footprint– 9m depth x.6m frontage • 4.5m height

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